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Rules of the forum

Post  c.f on Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:58 am

This is a forum for discussion and sharing of artwork pertaining to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise by Sonic Team and SEGA. So, most discussion should revolve around said franchise.

If you break the rules enough times, you may be banned, as decided by the staff.

Here are some rules to help the community:

1. Respect one another
Please be respectful toward all users. This is primarily a forum for artwork, so please do not ridicule people's work that you deem less skilled than your own. Honest and well-intentioned critique of work is allowed.

2. Inappropriate content
Do not, under any circumstances, post or link to sexual content or gore in any form. All users should be at least 13 years old in any case. If the content you post is deemed explicit by the staff, it will be removed and you will receive a warning.

Furthermore, please watch your language. Some words can be sensitive to certain users. On that note, please do not post content that can be considered sensitive or offensive. Again, if what you post is inappropriate, it will be removed.

3. Aggressive behavior and "flaming"
You may disagree with another user from time to time. However, outright hostile behavior and insults are not allowed. Please try to act as mature as you can. Also, do not harass particular users.

4. "Spamming"
Do not post merely a few words, and do not post anything considered disruptive. Don't spam. In general, try your best to add to the conversation, but do not go off topic.

All in all, I'm not asking you to be friends with everyone, but please do try to be nice.


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